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Hidden views of Sri Lanka: our top 9

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Do you want to experience the beauty of Sri Lanka at its best? Head to these nine hidden views for unbeatable photo opportunities and the chance to take in extraordinary vistas away from the crowds.

Sigiriya Rock Fortress – from Pidurangala

Hidden views of Sri Lanka: our top 9

The view from the top of Sigiriya Rock Fortress is the most famous in Sri Lanka. However, the view of Sigiriya Rock Fortress from neighboring Pidurangala is arguably even better.

Climb Pidurangala Rock at dawn to see the sun rising over Sigiriya. The countryside around the rock shines green and gold, interspersed by a scattering of ancient cultural sites. You can indulge in a delicious breakfast feast as you take it all in or enjoy a late brunch once back at ground level.

Sunrise from the summit of Adam’s Peak

Hidden views of Sri Lanka: our top 9

Another sensational sunrise can be seen from the summit of Adam’s Peak – in fact, it’s one of the best in Asia.

Join chattering and chanting pilgrims making the journey to the top of this sacred mountain between December and March. The climb takes place from midnight awards, a steady march up slopes and steps with plenty of opportunities for stops and refreshments.

Tea estates from Castlereagh Lake

Hidden views of Sri Lanka: our top 9

Our travelers have been besotted with the exquisite Ceylon Tea Trails bungalows for decades, luxurious colonial properties nestled in the valleys of Dickoya.

See the same glorious scenery from Castlereagh Lake which lies majestic and misty among the terraced tea estates. This can be done from Camellia Hills and Ceylon Tea Trails Castlereagh.

Kandy city from the old royal gardens

Hidden views of Sri Lanka: our top 9

Sri Lanka’s last royal capital unfurls out from underneath Udawattakele, a nature reserve that once served as the pleasure gardens of the monarchy. Wandering through this tranquil shaded location while listening to the call of exotic birds is blissfully serene.

Knuckles from the bath at Madulkelle

Hidden views of Sri Lanka: our top 9

The Knuckles Mountain Range is UNESCO-recognised for its biodiversity and offers astonishing vistas to boot. One of the most sensational ways to see it is from the bath at Madulkelle Tea & Eco Lodge.

Relax in the beautiful bath in their Honeymoon Suite that looks out on a dramatic valley view, and unwind as you take it all in.

Ulagalla Reservoir from horseback

Hidden views of Sri Lanka: our top 9

Happiest when on a horse? Ride around the reservoir at Uga Ulagalla, trotting gently along trails lined with mangroves, exotic trees and the large lake littered with lotus flowers.

Your guide will be delighted to take a picture of you astride the horse with the glorious flower-topped waters behind you so you remember the moment for a lifetime.

Gal Oya from atop Monkey Mountain

Hidden views of Sri Lanka: our top 9

Get a unique perspective of one of Sri Lanka’s most remote national parks from atop the striking Monkey Mountain.

You’ll have to copy their clamber in places when climbing the peak but it’s well worth the effort! From the top is a beautiful tapestry of lakes, forest and fields, filled with wondrous wildlife.

Mirissa Bay from Coconut Tree Hill

Hidden views of Sri Lanka: our top 9

This is the least well-kept secret in our list but it’s beloved by influencers for a reason! The surface of the hill is strewn with coconut palms and leads down to a perfect coastal viewpoint.

Mirissa Bay is one of the most striking beaches in Sri Lanka. The smooth crescent sands are lapped by glittering azure waters that are perfect for both swimming and surfing in season.

Tangalle from the terrace of Amanwella

Hidden views of Sri Lanka: our top 9

Another of Sri Lanka’s best beaches is the enduringly romantic bay in Tangalle. This is the perfect place for slow sunset strolls and soaking in some sunshine.

The best way to view it is from the restaurant terrace of Amanwella, our favorite hotel in the area. Dine on mouthwatering meals as you take in the stunning views and listen to the soothing sound of the sea.

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