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Explore the town’s history and sensational beaches

Trincomalee is an east coast town that is based around a natural deep-water harbor which has attracted great seafarers for centuries, including traders from China and Arabia and explorers such as Ptolemy and Marco Polo. Aside from the sprawling beaches of soft white sand and wide range of thrilling water-sports on offer (including sailing trips around this stunning section of coastline and snorkeling at nearby Pigeon Island), Trincomalee town boasts a Dutch Fort as well as the iconic Koneswaram Hindu kovil and a WWII cemetery. Visitors can also relax at the Kanniyai Hot Springs.

Where do I stay?

Fun Facts

  • Trincomalee, an anglicized form of the Tamil word ‘Tiru-kona-malai’, meaning ‘Lord of the Sacred Hill’, is a reference to the town's ancient Koneswaram temple.

Experiences & Things to Do at Trincomalee

Whale watching – Trincomalee - Trincomalee -  Sri Lanka In Style
Whale watching – Trincomalee

Head over to Trincomalee Harbor and take a boat out to sea for around 30 minute where you’ll come across dolphins turtles blue whales and sperm whales

Sailing adventure by catamaran - Trincomalee -  Sri Lanka In Style
Sailing adventure by catamaran

Take off from Beruwela Harbor by 9am and sail to a nearby islet with an experienced crew.