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SriLankaInStyle would be nothing without its team. Here they are, the heart and soul of everything we do: experienced, diligent, enthusiastic and hard-working, this group of people are responsible for making your vacation an extraordinary one. As the company keeps growing, so does our team.

Miguel Cunat – CEO - About Us - Sri Lanka In Style

Miguel Cunat – CEO

SriLankaInStyle’s partner and CEO, Miguel has lived with his family in Sri Lanka since 2003 and, as the country’s tourism develops, he is passionate about preserving the island’s environment and culture. Miguel grew up crisscrossing the globe between Spain and Australia and has lived in London, Bangkok and Singapore. Most of his adventures in Sri Lanka have been on foot, mountain bike or on a motorbike. Miguel In 2012 Miguel was named the Conde Nast Top Traveler Specialist for Sri Lanka. He earnt this coveted award for his intimate knowledge of Sri Lanka, vast network of insider connections and flair for creating unforgettable travel experiences for discerning clientele.

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Camilla Johnpillai - About Us - Sri Lanka In Style

Camilla Johnpillai

Camilla has worked in the travel industry for over fifteen years. She loves the fact that her position allows her to meet new people every day, and as a result she has made great friends around the world. She has a strong family background in travel, with many of her family working in the tourism and hotel sectors, and specialises in family travel. Mother to two energetic children, Camilla feels that it is important to take vacations together every so often in order to reconnect as a family. Camilla’s favorite experience in Sri Lanka is taking the train through the lush tea plantations and admiring the stunning waterfalls.

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Andrea Goonesekera  - About Us - Sri Lanka In Style

Andrea Goonesekera

Known as “Awesome Andi” around the office due to her laidback, friendly nature and her love of all things retro, Andrea was born and raised in Colombo, although she spent a few years in Canada. One of her first jobs was in banking but she soon exchanged that lucrative world for a life of travel and adventure. Andrea is currently studying for a degree in marketing at the Chartered Institute of Marketing. She relishes the new experiences and challenges that working in the travel industry brings her and her favorite place on the island is the UNESCO World Heritage Galle Fort, a charming 16th-century town in the south of the country

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Shalini Heenpella - About Us - Sri Lanka In Style

Shalini Heenpella

Having been born and lived in Dubai for nearly 12 years, Shalini’s entry to the travel industry came about when she discovered the joys of traveling when she would travel to Sri Lanka on vacation. Hailing from a financial background, she realized that traveling and discovering new places was far more fun and interesting than spending time dealing with numbers. She is currently studying the final stages of CIMA and loves hiking and trekking in the tea country.

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Cecile Fabre - About Us - Sri Lanka In Style

Cecile Fabre

Cécile was born in France and quickly discovered her passion for seeing the world and exploring other cultures. She moved to Spain to finish her international studies before venturing into the world of tourism. She worked for several Spanish outbound travel agencies before switching to the inbound sector. She worked for high-end south-eastern and Peruvian companies for almost 15 years. After visiting Sri Lanka in a leisure family trip, she felt captivated by the country and decided to move here, joining SriLankaInStyle. She enjoys designing personalised trips, creating unique experiences and offering high-quality service to clients. She can speak three languages, and she loves wandering to new places, meeting new people and discovering new cultures. One of her favourite areas is the Cultural Triangle, as she enjoys exploring ruins and monuments. She also enjoys the south and east coasts because she is an ocean-lover and experienced diver.

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Amrick Andrado - About Us - Sri Lanka In Style

Amrick Andrado

Traveling, both in and out of Sri Lanka, is Amrick’s favorite thing to do. His love for the island spurred his move from working in finance in Australia to returning here to work in the inbound tourism industry. Given the diverse range of activities and sights on offer in such a small space, Amrick feels that Sri Lanka has the potential to become the number one diversified travel destination in the world, and believes that it is well on its way there. He hopes to see Sri Lanka achieve this goal and is excited to be able to be a part of that journey to the top!

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Rafael de la Torre  - About Us - Sri Lanka In Style

Rafael de la Torre

When Rafa was a child, he spent each weekend attending judo competitions in Spain and Europe, a passion which eventually took him all the way to Thailand. During this first visit to Asia, Rafa felt a special connection with the people and began to travel the continent in search of secret spots, covering almost 70 countries before he settled in Bangkok to write travel articles for a newspaper based in his hometown of Granada. After a chance meeting with Miguel, Rafa was inspired to visit Sri Lanka and he realized that he had found his place in the world. Now working for SriLankaInStyle as a Travel Consultant, Rafa is happiest when he is trekking in the hills or climbing Adam’s Peak – an awe-inspiring experience he repeats each year.

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