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SriLankaInStyle does not do run-of-the-mill special offer tours. Whilst we do include properties which are offering special lower prices or extra amenities to help make your money go further, we also feature complimentary experiences in our tours, keeping them rich and fulfilling to ensure that our clients receive a complete Sri Lanka journey and not just a string of hotels. Our philosophy of traveling ‘in style’ – connecting to a country’s culture and its people when on holiday – is still present in our special offer itineraries, and of course they can be altered and enhanced in any way you wish.

We have two sets of special offer itineraries – a selection of fixed routes which have inter-changing accommodation depending on the time of year you would like to travel, and last-minute special offers which are connected to various celebrated occasions throughout the year, such as Chinese New Year and Christmas. Browse through our selection of special offer Sri Lanka tours, or take a look at our range of set itineraries.

Easter Escape

Escape to Sri Lanka this Easter and discover the stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage of this beautiful tropical island.

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Chinese New Year

Celebrate the Chinese New Year in style by spending ten days exploring the most beautiful parts of Sri Lanka

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Following the Footsteps of James Taylor

A unique exploration of the past and present of Sri Lanka’s iconic tea industry.

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