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Exploring Colombo’s History

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On first glance, Colombo is a bustling city, full of life – sights, smells and sounds to keep you engaged. This commercial hub of Sri Lanka is home to a plethora of produce, from fruits and vegetables to clothes and electrical items. Just walking through the streets where every path is flanked by some interesting contraption, is an experience of its own. But hidden beneath all this colour and almost unendingly busy city, is a historically rich area that holds many a tale within its old walls.

Experience Overview

Divided into 15 sections, Colombo is a lively city, undoubtedly the most commercial in the island. Boasting a large harbour which makes for an ideal position along trade routes, the city of Colombo has been a prime point for many traders and merchants over the years. Walk through roads lined with several historic sites and delve into the memories of times gone by. Visit the Kayman’s Gate whose name is derived by the fact that the waters around this part of Colombo were crocodile-infested, the Dutch word for crocodiles being ‘Kaaiman’. Learn of the old architecture that is still showcased throughout Fort, even though its changing look amidst new buildings and modern constructions are constantly in battle to shine through. As your walk draws to an end this change in style becomes much more evident coming face to face with what used to be Sri Lanka’s first surgical ward during colonial times.

Timings: - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style

8.00 AM or 4.30 PM

What to wear or bring along: - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
What to wear or bring along:

Conservative dress and flip flops

Duration: - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style

2 to 2.5 hrs

Good for children: - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
Good for children:

Ideal for children over 12 yrs

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Private or not?





Managing Expectations

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