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Jeep safari in Minneriya, Eco and Kaudulla national parks

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 Located in the heart of the Cultural Triangle Minneriya, Eco, and Kaudulla National Parks are among the best parks to see Elephants on the island, with large herds of elephants migrating between each park during different seasons. The parks mostly consist of a mixed forest of evergreen shrubs, a favorite habitat for animals, which include deer and wild elephants.

Experience Overview

Which park you visit will depend on the time of year and the recent sightings in the parks. Since the parks are relatively close to each other, the decision of which park to visit will be often made on the day itself, based on up-to-date information about the location of the elephants at that given time, ensuring you the best sightings. From the safety of a well-equipped jeep you will navigate the park with a naturalist who will be able to point out various animal species to you and knows the best spots from which to view the elephants. It’s a bumpy ride but a great adventure and nothing beats the feeling of seeing wild elephants mere meters away from your jeep.

Includes:  - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style

We provide a local park guide, water and vehicle

Duration:  - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style

Approx. 2.5 to 3 hours

Difficulty:  - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style

Moderate. We class this as a moderate experience because of the afternoon heat.

Suitable for children:  - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
Suitable for children:

Yes, children will love the spectacle of the gathering herds, often with many baby elephants

Meeting time:  - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
Meeting time:

To be agreed with your guide. The experience is best late afternoon, after the heat of the day has subsided somewhat

What to wear or bring along:  - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
What to wear or bring along:

Light cool clothing, a cap, and sunscreen, and a camera

Important to know:  - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
Important to know:

Guests are not permitted to get off the jeep and walk around the park. Please do not smoke inside the park and dispose of litter responsibly. Do not feed any of the animals

Private or not?  - Experience - Sri Lanka In Style
Private or not?

The visit is private




Managing Expectations

It is important to remember that, whilst they are experts in their field, the people who run or host our experiences are not necessarily used to working in the tourism industry and may not offer the level of service you would find at a five-star hotel. For example, instead of a formal lecture, you may get a relaxed conversation where open discussion is encouraged. All of our hosts are, however, extremely engaging, knowledgeable and passionate about educating visitors about their chosen subject and we have worked with them to ensure that they deliver worthwhile, fulfilling experiences. We welcome feedback, so please let us know what you thought and if you think any improvements could be made to the experiences we offer.

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