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Go in search of elephants, sloth bears and leopards

Experiences in Yala National Park

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Yala National Park is Sri Lanka’s pride and joy. It is the most frequently-visited park and the second largest in the island. It is particularly upheld due to its famous leopard population, as Yala has the highest density of leopards of anywhere in the world, making it the best location globally to get a sighting of a leopard in the wild. The entire park is divided into five separate blocks, two of which are strict nature reserves with limited access whilst the rest are open to the public at alternate times throughout the year. Block one is the most popular section, as it is open for most of the year, only closing in September and October. Our 4x4 jeep safaris provide a comfortable, experience within the park, and the Junior Ranger Course is ideal for little adventurers. We also have ‘Art in the Jungle’ as well, an experience offered by Noel Rodrigo’s Leopard Safaris, who also provide private safari drives with ‘Sri Lanka’s leopard man’.

Hosted Experiences

Your German host is passionate about painting and nature and has combined them together to create ‘art in the jungle’.

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Head off at 5am or 3pm into the park with the ‘leopard man’ who has over 35 years of experience tracking animals in the wild.

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Individual Experiences

Start off at either 6am or 3pm with your tracker and driver. The game drive will take 2.5 – 3 hours.

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Kids will have the opportunity to learn about birdwatching techniques and how to spot wildlife like deer, wild boar, elephant and leopard.

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