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Explore the heritage of Sri Lanka’s last kingdom

Hotels in Kandy


Kandy – the Sinhala word meaning hill – was an impenetrable fortress for the Sinhala monarchs, buried deep in jungle protected by torrential rivers and dramatic rock faces, and was the last kingdom of Sri Lanka. It withstood the onslaught of three colonial powers long after the rest of the island had been ransacked for cinnamon, sapphires and other spoils, and there is still a notable cultural pride here.

There are a wide variety of hotels in Kandy, some based close to the city centre whilst the others are scattered across the surrounding hills, offer beautiful panoramas of Kandy town and the beginnings of Sri Lanka’s stunning hill country. This culturally rich town is an ideal place to stop at on the way from Colombo to the Cultural Triangle or on the way into the hills.

Kandy Hotels

This specialist yoga and meditation property consists of a series of pavilions that have been neatly tucked into the surrounding landscape making for a grounded, deeply relaxing stay. The rooms and relaxation spaces are all spacious and set well-apart from each other.

Hotel Facilities

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