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A quiet town set in the remote north-west wilderness

Villas in Puttlam

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Cited to be the location where the first Sinhalese ancestors came from, Puttalam is one of the lesser-known regions amongst tourists. The area is home to spectacular lagoon and gargantuan tanks built in during the Anuradhapura period to store rainwater. It lies south of Wilpattu National Park and Kalpitiya and is one of the most rural locations in Sri Lanka – visited by very few tourists, this area will give you a taste of authentic island life. The best way to explore Puttlam and the surrounding wilderness is by bicycle, just as the locals do. If you are seeking excitement rather than peace, visit nearby Kalpitiya and indulge in some water-sports, or head to Anuradhapura to discover Sri Lanka’s first civilisation.

 There are not many accommodation options here, but we recommend Bethany 101, one of the only villas in Puttalm. It is one of the oldest properties in Sri Lanka and offers complete and utter tranquillity.

Puttlam Villas

We are still on the lookout for great villas in Puttlam